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Intense And Exciting Fishing Games On me88

The early 2000s marked a serious turning point in the online casino Malaysia and beyond, with the introduction of “tembak Ikan”; a top-rated fishing game at that time. Ever since then, the thirst and need for players to enjoy fishing games have been insatiable.

Today, with the help of software developers, different variants of fishing games are available and the advancement of technology has improved these games tremendously.

Intense, exciting, entertaining, beautiful graphics, easy to play, and massive winnable coins and bonuses; fishing games are becoming more and more relevant in most online betting platforms, and me88 is not left out.

Moreover, you mustn’t own a PC to play these games. All it takes is an internet-accessible smartphone. So, whether you are chilling at home or travelling, rest assured, you can enjoy these amazing fishing games on me88 — anywhere and anytime.

How To Play Fishing Games On me88?

As I mentioned earlier, one good thing about me88 fishing games is that they are easy to play. What you need to do is shoot fish and catch as much of it as you can.

For instance, if you are playing on your PC, you can use the joystick to aim at the water creatures and fire by clicking the “shoot” button. Shot down as many fishes you could, and it will win you as much as it could. And with these coins, you can raise your multipliers.

Each fish species comes with special values. Some of these values are higher than the others. Hence, the best way to increase your multiplayer is by killing items with higher values.

Certain fishing games on this platform (for instance; SpadeGaming’s Fishing War) come with mini bonus games that bring some twists and turns to your gaming experience. While playing, you can encounter larger sea creatures; killing them earns you enormous coins.

In addition, some designs enable you to play when you’re on ammunition. You may still opt to pause and receive your profit at any time. Interestingly, with some useful features like auto-fire, target lock, and explosions, you’ll find the game exciting and action-packed.

me88 Game Providers

me88 collaborates with certain renowned game providers like Playtech, SpadeGaming, SA Gaming, and GG Gaming to offer you the best fishing war games that will surely meet your demands — whether beginner or professional.

Below is a briefing on what you should expect from some of these game providers;

GG Gaming: Fishing World

Global Gaming (GG) has amassed a vast audience by introducing Gold Shark and Fishing World. As a result, players can either play to hunt down sharks or to win the Fishing World game. These two ocean-themed games are highly engaging, with outstanding graphic effects.

During a gaming session on GG, you’ll come across many sea beasts and other fascinating creatures. The game is therefore not only enjoyable, but it is also fantastic. Moreover, several features are there to help you with your targeting and shooting, making the whole gaming process a lot easier.

If you are looking to play an immersive and highly addictive shooting game, you should hit the “Play Now” button to get started right away.

A trial (demo) session is also available in case you need to do some practising before funding your main account.

To start playing on a demo account, click the “Demo” button.

SpadeGaming: Fishing God & Fishing War

SpadeGaming is one of the most prominent software providers for most mobile gambling platforms around the globe.

The game provider is authorized by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Hence, players are assured of having a fair and secure gaming session. Matter of fact, SpadeGaming is the first online casino software provider to receive a license from MGA for fishing games.

Well-known for bringing forth games like Fishing God and Fishing War, this provider has proven to have all it takes to give any gambling enthusiast real value for their money. As a result, players now get to enjoy multiple selections of amazing games in online casinos like me88.

A beginner is most likely to wonder how they can learn or cope with the pace of these games… Fortunately, you have the option to play the demo version first to practice and master a few skills before going into the real game.

Fishing God

SpadeGaming’s Fishing God is probably one of the earliest online fishing games available in the casino industry. The visual interface of the game consists of colourful 3D graphics that incorporate the sound of the sea waves, both making a wonderful vibrant vision underneath the vast blue sea.

The images in this game are elegance, meticulousness. The audio system’s presence offers players much more experience.

Familiar noises like the sound of breaking waves beneath the water, the sounds of fishing, the sounds of playing or of missing. Everything helps to make the game much more dramatic.

Fishing War

Similar to the above-mentioned game, Fishing War is also an online fish shooting game developed by the industry giant, SpadeGaming. However, it is considered an upgrade version of the previous game as it includes many more exciting new features.

The Fishing War consists of multiple fishing phases: Junior, Expert and Godlike at varying bullet rates.

  • Junior Mode (Amateur): Bullets cost between 0.01 and 1 coin.
  • Expert Mode (Professional): Bullets are from 0.1 to 5 coins.
  • Godlike Mode (God): bullets cost between 1 and 10 coins.

The bullet price should be multiplied by 10 for each bullet, and the player has to wager as much as possible.

The maximum number of players is 4 in one room and no mixing from other playrooms would be possible, meaning that you don’t need to think about the scenario in which too many players in 1 room exist.

Why Play me88 Fishing Games?

Several outstanding qualities distinguish me88 Malaysia from the average online casino out there.

Apart from collaborating with top game providers (like SpadeGaming and GG Gaming) to offer some of the best fishing games, other qualities that will attract you to me88 are;

  • High-Quality Fishing Game Experience At me88 Malaysia, we value our customers’ satisfaction to the max. This is why we only engage with the best of the best online fishing game providers to offer the top-quality gaming experience to our players.
  • Lots of Promotions and Bonuses In order to cherish our players, we at me88 Malaysia offers huge varieties of bonuses and promotions to our players. Everyone is eligible to claim the free bonuses once they became a player on our online casino platform. The bonuses vary from free credits, referral rewards, cash rebates, deposit bonus, and many more!
  • Top Priority Customer Service Our professionally trained customer support team is always there for our players. Every question and difficulties faced by our customers can be solved by contacting our team. There is immediate assistance for all gamers: start-up guidelines for setup, how to set up a website, login, deposit and withdraw money into the account, how to settle loan rewards, how to put bets, how to manage it, etc. in order to make the gaming experience more enjoyable, convenient, and easier for our players to make a profit.