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me88: Trusted Online Casino in Malaysia & Singapore

Over the last couple of years, me88 has become a household name in the online casino industry of Malaysia and Singapore. We have become a dominant player in the region because of the quality of games we offer and the fact that we prioritize our customers in all the decisions we make; our customers always come ahead of anything else.
  • me88 Online Casino Games me88 partners with the best online casino software vendors to bring you some of the best casino games in the industry. These games are available in different categories because we know our different customers prefer different kinds of games. The popular categories of games you will find on our website include; Live casino games, slots, Poker, Fishing games, eSports, Arcade games, and 4D. All these games are well optimized and responsive, which makes them friendly for playing on both mobile devices and full-size desktop computers. Most of the games (over 98%) on our site are web-based, so you can play them within your browser. Some of the popular providers we work with include; Asia Gaming, SA Gaming, Playtech, TopTrend Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Habanero, eBet, PlaynGo, DT Asia, Red Tiger, Dream Gaming, and many more. All these game providers are licensed, which means the games they provide meet the minimum fairness standards.
  • Customer-centered decisions Our customers are the reason we exist; that is why all our decisions are centered around them. Right from the games we add to our long list of casino games to how payments are processed, we always consider the customers first before making any conclusion. Our platform’s features, including our theme colors, the navigation menus, animations, and the overall UI, are all built to make it easier for our users to play games or access any other service on the platform. Our customer support team is available 24/7 to attend to all the issues users might face while using our website. The constant feedback from our users is compiled together and turned into long-term solutions that include; new features, games, and many more. We use advanced customer support tools to make it easy for us to categorize the different queries our customers raise. These complaints and suggestions are analyzed by our experts and turned into lasting solutions that we implement on our site.

Why You Should Play at me88 Online Casino

There are several reasons why me88 is a dominant player in the online gambling industry of Malaysia and Singapore. me88 is the online casino you should choose if you are looking for a 5-start online gambling experience. Besides the great experience, here are some other reasons you should consider playing at me88 online casino.
  • Wide variety of games As we have earlier shared, me88 has over 1000 games available in different casino games categories, including slots, live casino games, Arcade games, eSports, and many more. This gives players the freedom to choose the games they want. If you are new to this online casino, you can always try the different games and finally settle with those that you find fun to play.
  • Reliable customer support While choosing an online casino, one of the attributes you should never ignore is the reliability of their customer support. me88 is one of the few online casinos that have invested heavily in their customer support reliability. We have a team that is available 24/7, so you can always contact them at any time you wish to. We also made it possible to contact our customer support using some of the most popular instant messaging platforms, including WeChat, Telegram, WhatsApp, and our built-in live chat app. With these platforms, customers can easily chat with our customer support teams right from their smartphones or full-size computers.
  • Trusted payment methods The other attribute that makes me88 a reliable online casino is the payment partners we work with. Payments are very important at any online casino because depositing and withdrawing money is one of the daily activities at any online casino. me88 partners with Help2Pay, PayTrust, and EeziePay to process all the incoming, outgoing payments. These three platforms are some of the most reliable in Malaysia and Singapore. With these platforms, deposits are instant, and withdraws are also processed within a few minutes. We are also planning to add crypto as one of the payment methods mainly to encourage players that don’t have access to the three payment methods mentioned above.
  • me88 is a licensed online casino Just like any other industry, the online casino industry is regulated by local and international authorities. Online casinos that meet the minimum requirements that these regulatory authorities come up with are given licenses. me88 is licensed by the local gambling regulatory bodies in Malaysia and Singapore. We also have licenses from international gambling authorities PAGCOR, bmm, iTechLabs, and many more. All the games provided by the different casino software vendors we partner with have been certified to meet the minimum fairness standards to ensure players are not cheated.

Feature of me88 Online Casino Malaysia & Singapore

me88 has several unique features that make it different from most of the online casino platforms in this region. Some of these features include the following;
  • Well optimized UI me88’s website UI is unique in its own way, thanks to its vibrant colors and well-optimized animations. I am pretty sure, the very first time our homepage loaded on your phone or pc, you saw something different about the UI of this online casino that you don’t usually see at several other online casinos in our industry. While building this website, we had to strike a balance between creating an appealing UI and ensuring the site was functional and fast. We are glad our software team managed to pull this off. We also had to ensure our website was responsive on both full-size computers and mobile devices. So, whether you are using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, the experience you will get while using our website or playing games will be the same.
  • Arcade games This is a unique game category that you will only find at a few casinos. me88 knows that a relatively large number of players love Arcade games. That’s why we had to add it as one of the categories of the games we offer. Arcade games are easy to play, especially after getting used to their UI and the basic playing rules. Some of the Arcade games you will find on our website include; Aviator, Fishermen Gold, Gamatron, SG Fishing, and many more. All these games have demo versions, so you can take advantage of them to get used to the game’s UI and learn about the basic playing rules.
  • E-Sport Live Streaming Another unique game feature that we have on our site is E-Sport live streaming. It enables you to be part of live E-Sports games, including NBA 2K, LOL, Mobile Legend, KOG, PUBG, DOTA2, CS GO, and many more. You can place bets on any of these games in real-time, just like you would with the Live casino games we are all used to.
  • Dark mode Another interesting feature that you will find on me88’s website is the option to enable a dark color theme. This option is very handy, especially if you are using this site during the night. At me88 we know that a good number of our customers use their phones or computers to access our website at night. So, we added this feature that users can enable whenever they wish to. To enable or disable dark mode, just click the sun/moon icon in the top-right corner of the website. When enabled, all the white colors of the website will turn black. The non-white colors, including red, green, and blue, take on darker versions when dark mode is enabled. Dark Mode is also available in our mobile application and follows the same procedure that we have just shared with you.

Attractive Promotion & Bonuses

If you love bonuses and freebies (I’m sure every casino player does), you will have fun playing at me88 because there are plenty of me88 promotions. Below are some of the common bonuses you can take advantage of once you are a registered member of me88.
  • Welcome Bonus This bonus is for new players that have just signed up on the platform. me88 offers new players a welcome bonus of 100% of their first deposit. If you don’t have a me88 account yet, all you have to do is create one by filling in all the required information, and you will stand a chance of winning this bonus. Each member can only win this bonus once.
  • Birthday Bonus We know your birthday is very special to you that’s why we can come with the idea of giving a bonus to each member during their birth month. Members can claim this bonus on any day during their birth month by contacting our customer support team. We encourage our players to use their accurate personal information while registering to avoid inconveniences while claiming their birthday bonus.
  • Referral Bonus Don’t have the fun alone; invite some of your colleagues to also enjoy the experience at me88 and earn yourself a bonus as well. We want our community to get bigger, so we encourage every registered member to invite their friends and family to join. You can share the link to our site and your referral code on your social media accounts, via emails, or instant messaging platforms. Don’t forget to tell your prospects to input your referral code while signing up. We use this unique referral code to track referrals brought in by the different members of me88. With the referral bonus, members can win up to 10% on the first- and second-time deposits and 15% on the third-time deposits of the people they referred.
  • Daily First Deposit Bonus On top of the welcome bonus we give to new players, all registered members also have a chance of getting up to 15% on every first deposit that they make every day. Each member can claim this bonus at least once a day as long as they made a deposit during that day. The minimum deposit for you to win this bonus is MYR100. So, with MYR100, you will have a chance of winning up to MYR15 in bonus every whenever you deposit money into your wallet.
  • VIP Wednesday Bonus This bonus is available for all VIP members (bronze and above). With this bonus, VIP members can win up to 18% of the deposit on their first deposit of the day. This bonus is different from the deposit bonus that we have earlier shared. Members that meet the minimum requirements of this bonus can claim it once every Wednesday of the week. For all deposit-related bonuses that we have shared above, you need to select the desired bonus on the deposit form to quality. For instance, if you are a VIP, you will have to choose the VIP Wednesday bonus while depositing money into your wallet.

Safe & Secure System

While choosing an online casino, one of the attributes you should never overlook is security and privacy. Me88 invests significantly in its security to ensure that everyone that visits the site is fully protected against malware and bad actors on the internet. With the help of industry-leading encryption technologies, me88 is able to protect its user’s data from being accessed by third-party players. With this encryption, even your internet service provider and the government will not have access to any of your information as you use our site, no matter the level of access they have to the network you are using. The information you share with our website is meant to improve your user experience while playing games or using any of the services we offer. If you care about privacy, then me88 is the online casino you need to sign up to. All the data you share with our website while signing and any communications with our support team are kept private. We don’t sell any of your data to third-party data brokers. That is why me88 has not to be involved in any data breach scandals that several online platforms have been experienced in the last couple of years.

Various Payment Option

Before signing up at any online casino, one of the attributes you need to pay attention to is the available payment options—me88 partners with three popular payment platforms, including TrustPay, Help2Pay, and EeziePay. If you are within Malaysia and Singapore, you should already be familiar with at least one of the three options. TrustPay, Help2Pay, and EeziePay are some of the most popular and reliable payment options in this region. Besides being reliable, they also process transactions faster than most payment options available in this region. Most online casinos take days to process payouts, which can be frustrating to the winners. With me88, your payouts are processed immediately, thanks to the payment platforms that we partner with. Deposits are also instant. When you use your credit card or bank account to transfer money to your TrustPay, Help2Pay, and EeziePay, it will be deposited immediately, and you can go ahead and use it to place bets on your favorite games on me88.

Ease of Deposit and Withdrawal

Depositing and withdrawing money from your online casino account should be as seamless as possible. Several online casinos make the experience of depositing money to your wallet easy but do not give customers the same ease while withdrawing their payouts. With me88, things are different. The payment platforms we partner with make both processes easier for our customers. No matter how much you want to withdraw or deposit, the rules and conditions for processing your payments remain the same. For more information, you will need to read the terms and conditions for processing payments for each platform. This will enable you to choose one with terms that you find more friendly based on how you want your payments to be handled. Some of the differences you will likely find may include; the maximum and minimum amounts that you can deposit or withdraw. If you usually make huge bets, choose a platform with maximum depositing and withdrawing amounts that are relatively high to avoid inconveniences along the way.
  • Crypto Payments me88 added crypto as one of the payment options to enable users with no access to TrustPay, Help2Pay, and EeziePay also to be part of me88. You can make your deposits and place bets using cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and many more. Besides privacy and security, there are several other benefits that come with using crypto. One of the benefits of crypto is the lower transaction fees. If you don’t want to incur lots of charges while making deposits to your me88 wallet, the crypto payment method is what you will have to use. Their fees are less than 1% of the amount you intend to deposit. Another reason we want to add crypto as one of the payment options is to encourage users outside Malaysia and Singapore to be part of our casino. This will be possible because cryptocurrencies make it much easier to send and receive money across borders. So, for people who don’t have access to the banking systems in Malaysia, it will be much easier and cheaper to make deposits to your wallet using crypto. The first people to use crypto to make deposits on our site will also earn a bonus that will vary based on how much they deposit.

Sports Betting

If you love online sports betting (real or virtual), me88 is the online casino that will give you the best experience. me88 partners with some of the leading sportsbooks in the industry to bring you the best sports betting experience for both virtual and real-life games. The eSports Sportsbooks that me88 partners with include CMD368, InplayMatrix, and Saba eSports. These sportsbooks have games from all the popular leagues and tournaments around the world. Whether you want to place bets on games in the English Premier League, UEFA champions league, Olympics, NBA, tennis competitions, or horse races, me88 got you covered. All these games are available with a wide variety of betting options. As eSports betting become more popular in Malaysia and Singapore, we continue to stay committed to bringing our players the best gambling experience, no matter the sportsbook they choose.

Live Casino

Live casino games are some of the most played games at me88. These games are loved because of the thrill and anxiety they create for the players involved. We partner with the leading live casino game providers globally to bring you an incredible playing experience that you won’t find at most online casinos. The popular live casino games providers that me88 partners with include SA Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Asia Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Playtech, Dream Gaming, eBet, Ezugi, and many more. The live games that these providers create include; Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, Sic Bo, and many more. All these games are streamed live from real casinos with a dealer, so you will have a real casino experience. Our providers create high-quality video streams to ensure everyone following the games gets a clear picture of what’s going in the game studios.

Online Slot Game

Slots are by far the most played games on our platform. Players love online slots because of their thrilling nature and straightforward rules that make it easy for even new players to get started. To bring our players the best experience, we partner with some of the top slots providers in the game, including Habanero, TopTrend Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Asia Gaming, SG Gaming, Spade Gaming, and many more. Most of these slots come with generous bonuses that players can take advantage of to win big. If you are new to online slots, you can get started by playing the demo versions of these games to get used to their UIs and master their respective rules. The good news is me88 has hundreds of slots to choose from. So, if you don’t find one fun, you can easily switch to several other options.

Poker Online

Poker is a very popular casino game that has existed for centuries. At me88, we bring you the digital version of Online Poker that makes it possible to play Poker on your mobile devices from wherever you are. Unlike most of the games on our website, Poker is a game of skills, so the most experienced and skilled players at this game have the advantage. So, if you are looking for that online casino game that will get you thinking, Poker is the game you need to play. With our version of Poker, players can create a private table and invite their colleagues to join them through a link. The invited players will also need to input the private password to get access to the poker table. We also have poker tournaments that players can participate in to showcase their talent. To be part of the tournaments, you will need to have Tcoins that are accumulated overtime after playing a couple of games on our platform.

Fish Shooting Games Online

Fish shooting games are also loved by many casino players because they are very easy to play. These are the kind of games you can play even when you are tired because they don’t require a lot of critical thinking and decision-making. The main Provider of Fish shooting games on our website is Spade Gaming. Spade Gaming is the most reliable provider for Fish Shooting games in Malaysia and Singapore. Some of the games they provide include; Fishing Gold, Fishing God, SG Fishing, and many more. Like most of the games on this site, these games also have demo versions that you can play without betting real cash. We recommend that every new player starts with these demos to get used to the interface before playing for real cash. You may also take advantage of the demos if you are just playing to have fun.